Spring Semester opens with a four-day weekend

Two snow days and we're not even past the second week of the semester.

I've updated the website, started an experiment with Schoology, and remain optimistic about teaching a new course, Intro to Statistics. I've taught stats before - even Advanced Placement - but it was 8 years ago and with a different text. It's a really cool topic, though, with lots of opportunity for discovery and wonder. 

IM3 returns this semester - the first Integrated course at NHS that I've taught a second time. As a mentor teacher pointed out my second year, though - you only *think* you know how to teach a course the second time around - it's really not until you're on the 4th or 5th round that you have a clue. There are just too many variables, and too many ideas and directions teaching a new course. We're never really done revising, either. So, round two I expect will be just as exciting as round 1 last semester.

I hope I will have met lots of parents at the open house - it's a long day for us, but I always find it energizing to talk to folks about what we're going to do. I'm actually sorry it doesn't last longer - I would actually run a class for them and we could learn something together!

This is just an intro post, so I'm deliberately keeping it short. Hopefully I stay more current that last semester's one-post journal :)